To the Ladies: You are Beautiful


No filter selfie
No lipstick to make my lips red
No bangs to cover my forehead
No powder to cover my oily face
No cover to my big cheeks cuz of ponytail

Why am I posting this?

Ladies, God created you uniquely and beautifully. He is a perfect God and He made no mistake when He created you. I’m not against of using cosmetics or any beautification (nothing wrong with that) but I’m against low self esteem. Do not pattern yourself on the worldly standard of “beauty ” you are created by God and He sees you this way: (The bridegroom to His bride) 

How beautiful you are,my darling! Oh, how beautiful! You are altogether beautiful,my darling; there is no flaw in you.- Song of Songs 4:1;7

If you are struggling to love yourself, ask God to teach you on how to love you the way He does. Because before He formed you in your mother’s womb, He already knows and loves you.Always remember that you are beautiful in many ways! You are loved! You are enough!

P.s Appreciate the beautiful ladies you know, they might need a little reminder on how precious they are!