Not Partially Good

There are days when you just feel sick both physically and emotionally. I bet being sick physically is way easier to endure than being emotionally ill– where in your own enemy is your emotion and no meds can cure you 100% that easily. I decided to stay at home to have both physical rest through sleep and find peace as I seek God earnestly today.

While I was checking my inbox to gather some updates from people I cancelled my meetings and commitments today, I decided to send a message to my high school friend. Giving her updates about me then asked for hers. She then said, ” I just finished cleaning up our comfort room. I’m so productive. ” Oh, what a shame for me. A woman who cancelled all her commitments today just to stay on her bed, buried with her pillows and fully covered by her blanket. Then she continued… ” Actually, I have no plans on cleaning the whole comfort room. Yesterday, I saw our mirror in there and it was so dirty. Yuck. I decided to clean it and eventually thought, I shouldn’t just be cleaning this. I should clean the whole comfort room.” That phrase pinched me.

After reading her message I felt God ministering to me in His own special way. You know, my friend’s cleaning process of their comfort room made sense to me. It became a representation of what God is doing in my life right now. For the past few days I’ve been literally crying a flood because I just can’t handle the pain that I am in now. Asking God with lots of ” Why?” ” How?” “What?” because everything doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I do it not because I question who He is and what He is doing but because I know God can handle me. He can handle what I feel. He can handle my emotions even if, I myself can’t handle it. I can be as real as I can be and He still loves me.

Going back to the comfort-room-cleaning-story, here’s the lesson I’ve got from it:

  1. When God shows you the mess. (When she saw the dirty mirror)
  • When God shows you the mess in your life it might feel unpleasant, awful, shameful and painful BUT it is not meant to stay that way. He showed it because He wants to use you to do something about it. The dirty mirror will remain dirty if no ne noticed it, but my friend did. She did not only saw and recognized the problem but she acted upon it. Knowing that she needs to do something about it. One thing I believe as a follower of Christ: God will show the ‘need’ to you because He need you to take part on filling in the gap.

2. Not Partially Good. ( Only cleaning the dirty mirror)

  • The dirty mirror represents a part of our life, the comfort room as a whole. My friend decided to clean up only the mirror and realized that it is not good to clean just a part of it, it should be the whole comfort room to see a good result. On the other hand, maybe God wants our life not to be partially good but good as a whole. For that to happens He need to clean ALL the areas in out lives. He doesn’t want that your only good in your school… in your ministry… in your work… in your relationships… but GOOD as a WHOLE.

In times that we feel dirty, shameful, and broken know that God is still waiting for you with arms wide open. We can only attain it in Christ alone. Apart from Him, we are nothing. We are no good. So hang on, God is up to something and it is always for our better good. Everything is always for our good. In time, He will unveil everything. Everything will eventually make sense.

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. – Psalm 27:13

Playlist: Broken Prayers


There Is Still Hope

For the past few days that I’ve been out to the community to minister in our outreaches, I’ve seen and heard some of the reality na sa T.V or news paper ko lang nakikita. Oplan Tokhang, Women and kidnapping, etc. To be honest, I don’t believe easily in news report now a days because of trustworthiness. However, due to the exposure… I confirmed that there are still more. More stories, true stories, behind the news…

There are a lot of things happening around us. If the social issues now a days affects us a lot, gano pa katindi sa mga susunod na taon? Different social issues makes me wonder, “pano nalang ang susunod na henerasyon?”

Kahit saang sulok ka pumunta ng Pilipinas, may bata. May batang pwedeng turuan. May batang pwede mahalin. May batang pwedeng ipakilala si Jesus.

And this is what I realized, ang mga batang ito ang papalit saatin. Papalit sa mga taong namumuno. Mga gurong nagtuturo. Mga doctor na gumagamot. Sila ang sasalo at magpapatuloy ng mga bagay na ginagawa at pinag hihirapan natin ngayun.

Dito ako mas napaisip. Paano na ang kinabukasan kung hindi natin sila ihahanda at huhubugin? There is no child too young to know Jesus.

After a week in Magdalena outreach, I’m back to focus on our kids workshop in church. We were given an opportunity to minister sa mga bata sa loob mismo ng ating simbahan. The pictures attached below are just glimpses of what had happened last May 15-18, 2018.

Tonight as I scroll through the pictures I realized that there is still hope. Sabi nga ni Jose Rizal, “Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” Kung ang simpleng mga kabataan ay kayang maging pag-asa ng ating bayan, pano pa kaya kung ang mga kabataang ito ay may Hesus sa buhay?

Hindi namin alam kung anong mga mga magiging trabaho ng mga batang ito malayo pa pero darating din. Gagamitin sila sa iba’t ibang paraan. Sabi ng iba gusto nila maging guro… Yung iba naman pastor… Yung iba artista.. Yung iba teacher. Pero isa lang ang alam ko. Hanggat may Hesus sila sa buhay, sila’y magsisilbing asin at ilaw sa lipunan. Ngayun sa paaralan, simbahan at sakanilang pamilya muna!

People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.
Mark 10:13‭-‬16 NIV

There is still Hope. Jesus loves every children and He is willing to meet and use them! Every Children is still in his arms and so our future!

• • •

I just want to thank every parents who made time po for the workshop. Alam ko po na hindi biro ang apat na araw na pag hatid-sundo sa mga bata. Yung iba po sa inyo ay nag leave pa sa work, nag half day or umabsent. Pero salamat po. Salamat po for making time and investing para sa susunod na henerasyon. 🙌😀❤


” You know what’s the good thing about hitting the rock bottom? There’s one way left to go. Up!”
– Eddie Noodleman to Buster Moon

Buster Moon is a theater owner. Bankruptcy occur after how many shows. Mr. Moon ended up losing everything, including the theater and his artists. Ended up working in a car wash business with no hopes and dream for the future.

Eddie Noodleman is a good friend of Buster Moon the koala bear, who never left his side through thick and thin.

• •

We all need that kind of a friend who’ll never leave our side. Who’ll walk with us through ups and downs. Reminding us that no matter how hard we hit the rock bottom, there is still a way. Up! Bangon! Di pa tapos ang buhay! Di pa tapos ang kwento!

Blessed to have friends like that. Praying that you’ll have one too. And if you do, I rejoice with you! They are blessing from above! Thank You Jesus. 🤗

One Size DOESN’T Fit All

We can’t force a dog to live under water nor expect a fish to fly. We can’t expect everyone to be like us or someone else to be right.
Trying to live someone’s life in this world full of “goals”
Is tiring because in the first place it wasn’t meant to be. 
God created you and me to just be us
To be the person that you can say “I” or “Me”
To live the life that He intended us to be
The identity that the enemy has been dying to steal
He cannot because Jesus has already paid the bill
So don’t be deceived nor swayed
Shoes. Clothes. Bags.
Doesn’t define your worth.
Awards. Titles. Position.
Doesn’t define who you are.
Some may have all,
But genuine happiness they cannot buy.
Being different doesn’t make you less.
Being different actually fills in the need
For others, you and for me.
God created us to live
A life that He called us to be.
You are called. You are worthy. You are His child.
So you don’t need to be someone else,
one size does not fit all
Specially when you love to eat.


Ang puso mo na pinagpasa-pasahan dito sa mundo

Mahalaga parin sa mata Niya

Wag mo na ipanakaw sa iba

Ibalik na muli sa tototong may Ari

Hinihingi Niya nag puso mong durog

Upang mabuo

Mabuo muli na parang walang nangyari

Bago na parang walang pinagdaanan

Hindi ba kakaiba?

Iniingatan Niya parin

Ang puso mong basag na

Minsan parang wala ng halaga

Ngunit ito lang naman ang hinihingi Niya

Dance Partner

I was busy writing and memorizing stuffs for my upcoming contest when finally I got tired and sat down to just rest a bit. Practicing in front of me are my fellow students who were trying their best to do a perfect and safe lifting. There were three pairs, the two pairs were doing good while the last pair was struggling.


As a person who knows nothing about dancing, I choose to just shut my mouth and observe everything that is happening. While watching them, I realized some few things regarding with relationships, specially with the struggling one:


“You’re [the guy] not strong enough to lift her. Strengthen your back and shoulders, Josh! (not his real name) “

I heard their coach saying that repeatedly, “Strengthen your back and shoulders!

  • As Josh’s friend, I know that he doesn’t have any background with lifting nor dancing but I’m so proud of him *Even though I was laughing so hard, sorry Josh*, trying his best to listen and apply things as his team coaches him. After a few try, fail, try, fail and try, finally he was STRONG ENOUGH to lift her.


Josh actually came and join a dance lifting team wherein he was not prepared and actually lacks knowledge about it. Just like some other guys out there who are actually trying to enter a relationship that they know nothing about. Guys, entering a relationship means you are prepared, equipped and ready to lead and handle a beautiful lady that God treasured so much.

After Josh’s problem, here comes another one:

“Lyca (not her real name), Josh is not really the problem now! You are! You don’t trust him! You don’t trust your partner!

  • Ouch. My heart was broken when I heard that because Lyca is actually a great dancer. I admire her PASSION and TALENT in terms to dancing. Imagine her, hearing those words from her dance coach? Isn’t it painful? But it’s actually true!


I was watching them in a bit distance but I can clearly see how her body shakes and how uncomfortable she is. She was actually pulling Josh’s hair instead of just holding his head. Well, if I were in her situation I might feel the same! Josh is not a professional lifter, Lyca could have an injury or even die if Josh failed to support or catch her. One mistake, end game.


Lyca was prepared for the stage. She was trained for this. She was good on her own. BUT things messed up when a partner came in. IF she’s expecting Josh to be strong enough to handle and lift her, she must also perform her obligation: TRUSTING.


It is one thing that men are strong enough to handle women and it is another thing that women are strong enough to trust their partner. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR PARTNER.


But who really is our Partner? Isn’t it Jesus Christ?



JESUS is STRONG ENOUGH to DIE on the CROSS for our sins.




JESUS is our PARTNER in LIFE. He is the one who will lead us along the way in all aspect. He is the One who will lift us up, catch us when we fall, and handle us when we almost trip. Now, will you dance with Him? Will you trust Him as you dance?

Duon Sa Kapihan

Duon tayo sa kapihan,

Ang ating tagpuan.

Ipapaalala Ko lang sa’yo

Na bago mo siya minahal, nauna Ako.


Bago mo siya kinatagpo sa kapihan,

Ako ang una mong kasama at sandalan.

Sa mga gabing parang walang tahanang uuwian,

Ako ang kausap mo sa kapihan.



Naaalala mo pa ba?

Bago mo siya kwentuhan,

Ako muna ang kinikwentuhan.

Ako ang laging nauuna bago siya.


Nauna Ako sa puso mo,

Ni minsan hindi Ako nawala.

Kahit nuong dumating siya,

Sa tagpuan, andito lang Ako.


Gabi gabi, araw- araw,

Pwede tayong magkita.

Isama mo pa ang hapon at madaling araw

Dahil gusto Kitang kausap, gustong makasama.


Nauna Ako.

Nauna Akong minahal mo.

Ngunit mas nauna Kitang minahal,

Bago pa niya sinabi sa’yo ang salitang “mahal”


Kaya pakiusap Ko, Aking mahal,

Patuloy na Ako ang unahin.

Hindi man nila alam,

Ngunit alam Kong inuna mo’Ko bago siya.


Alagaan mo ang pusisyon Ko,

Nauna Ako at sana una hanggang dulo.

Dito tayo sa tagpuan, hindi dating tagpuan

Dahil hindi naman TAYO nawala sa ating kapihan.