A Life Worth Living

I was walking alone back to church from a dinner meet up. I literally felt alone… Physically and emotionally… To think that I just came from a meeting, with several people around me, I still felt alone after everything was wrapped up.
Pain and sadness is the emotion that I’ve been feeling for the past few months. I want to give up. I want to stop. I just want to end everything.As I was walking I asked the Lord, “Is this really the life that I need to live in? Do I really need to live this kind of life when I’ve been serving and obeying You? Is this a life worth living?” 

The answer was plain and straight. “It is a life worth living.” God reminded me that my life is worth living because it is saved by His grace. Not because of who I am, what I have, or even where I am but because of who He is and what He did. He wouldn’t died on that cross of calvary if I am not worthy in His eyes, He looked at me with love and mercy. He did not died and resurrected (Mark 16) only for our PAST (SINS)  but also for our PRESENT (CURRENT SITUATION) and FUTURE (DREAMS) . 

Yes, it is a life worth living even if it hurts like hell, just trust God. Even if everything doesn’t make sense, trust Him. Even if everything seems to fall apart, trust Him.Even if you cannot see and understand His plans, trust Him. After all, we can only say that our trust is true when we trust what we cannot see. 
I want to end this with a letter to you. Yes, you! The one who is reading this. 
My dear, 

Remember that you are saved and loved by a God who sees you as His child. He is a Father and will always be a Father to you. He loves you morethan you can imagine. Things might be so hard right now, but you will make it. Just stay in Him because a life worth living is a life that was surrendered at His feet. A life that glorifies Him. Stay in Him. Stay in His presence.Stay in His will. You will see it through. Everything will eventually make sense. Fight the good fight of faith, you have a life worth living. You have a story worth testifying. You are loved. You are in my prayers. 




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