“I look like Noah” — I am myself.

I had fun meeting with my relatives last few months. We went to different places and ate a lot of food but the highlight of my day was when I had a conversation with my 7 years old cousin named Noah. 

Jabez Noah Bagay

Noah is a sweet and smart kid. Every time that I go home to our province, he’s ready to welcome me with kisses and hugs! And today a question suddenly came in to my mind. I asked him this question to start with, “Noah, who do you look like? ” He looked at me and replied, “I look like Noah.” 


I laugh thinking that he was just joking so I repeated my question but I received the same response. I was intrigued by how he firmly said that phrase so when my Aunt came, I told her what had happened. I asked Noah for the 3rd time and her mom interrupted saying “Noah looks like mommy!” He looked at me saying “I look like Noah”.Her mom then said that Noah does respond in that way naturally and told me to ask Noah about “the-future-Noah”. 

“Who’ll be the future Noah?” Curiously I asked him. He smiled and told me about every specific detail of who the future Noah will be. His own dream at the age of 7! He knows who he is and who he want to be! 

After that conversation I can’t help but to reflect with this questions… 

Do I REALLY know who I am?

Looking back, I was defined by what the people say. “She’s spoiled. She’s cute. She’s short. She’s smart. She’s talkative. etc. ” So I live and move depending on what the person says about me. I give them what comes out from their mouth. When they say I’m a brat, I become one. When they say I’m a cry-baby, I do cry. I don’t know who am I because I was so busy focusing on what the world says not on who God says I am. 

Do I know who I want to be? 

I was 8 years old when I told my mom that I want to be a Pastor when I grew up. She smile at me and said that I could be one. But that dream fade away when I realized that every time a question “What would you like to be?” will rise up, my answer was way different from everyone. 

During pre-school graduation we did the traditional “When I grow up” speech-thingy. I wanted to say that I’d like to be a pastor someday but when I saw that one of my classmate received a loud clap after she said, “When I grow up, I want to be a Doctor…” I wanted to be one in an instant. Thinking it was the right thing to say because the people smiled and clapped, who would have clap their hands when a child says a wrong thing? No one. 

I was… 

Have you observed that I used “I was” instead of “I am”? Because that was the past. As I gain age, I learn and discover not only about a lot of things but also about myself and the God who created me. That even if I patterned my dreams to what the world says “a-must-have”, He made a way. The night that I encountered Him, I knew that my dreams for myself are way too small compare to His dream for me. 

So if you are having an identity crisis or rethinking about the path or dream that you are trying to reach, remember that God is always on the call 24/7. You can only find your identity and purpose in Him for He is the one who created you.



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