It was a year of unexpected things. Unexpectedly beautiful and painful. A year of growth in so many aspects of my life. But if I will choose a highlight of this year, it is God’s faithfulness and goodness. 

People, heart, direction, and even situations changed but He never did. I failed a lot. A lot that I could say that He has all the reason to leave me and forsake me, but He never did. He loved me. He stayed. He remain faithful. 

I may not mention all the people who stayed by my side for the past few years up to now, some just arrived this year, you know who you are and I definitely thank God for your lives.I consider all of you as a blessing.

To my family, if I will be given a chance to pick one, I will still choose you. Until the end, I still want to have you guys as my family. 

Thank You Jesus for year 2016, it was an amazing journey. I’m now brave to face year 2017 — the year of crowning glory! 

Happy new year everyone!β˜†


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