Prayer WORKS

As a young Christian, it has been my dream to attend a Christian concert namely Citipointe, Hillsong, Planetshakers, Israel & New Breed, & Bethel. Last June 4 Hillsong Young & Free, one of the most popular Christian Band in today’s  era had their concert here in the Philippines—our beloved Mother Land!

Looking back, when I started to have an interest in their concert and began to pray to God,to be honest I just prayed and never did I save a peso for any concerts. Thinking that God can do anything miraculously, yes He does! But I’m too lazy to do my part.  I don’t have any money for that concert, so I began to think for some other ways that led me to message my eldest brother- Abelard. Here is the timeline of our conversation:

April 7– I messaged him if we could watch the concert together. He asked for the price so I sent him the list. End of Conversation.

April 11– I reminded him about the concert. He then replied, ” I’ll check it first. I’ll let you know.” Knowing him “I’ll let you know.” could also means “Maybe not.” But I didn’t lose hope. I prayed and believed.

April 16- He sent a message saying, “We will watch Hillsong :)”

I was so happy! Thanking God for an answered prayer. But God is a God of twist and turns! 

April 18– My brother told me that the VIP & Lower Box tickets were sold out!

I thanked him for trying and told him that God has a better plan for us. But as I’ve said earlier, He is a God of twist & turns! ‘Yung akala mo iyun na, hindi pa pala!


So last May 27, 2016 the Facebook page of Batang Superbook started a contest where in you can win two tickets for Youth Revival Concert; Hillsong Y& F. For the past few years I’ve been seeing those kind of contest-like & share to win but never did I join. However, that day was different. I decided to join the contest by liking, sharing and answering the question “Why it is important to share Jesus to the next generation?” I know a lot of people will join that contest but I really want it so bad. Throughout the week I’ve learned a lot of things while praying and waiting:

1. Pray

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” -Matthew 7:7 niv


Remember that your God is your Father. A Father is a provider in a household, so is your God! Your Father owns the Heaven and the Earth, ask Him anything according to His will! But praying is not enough, you need to…

2. Believe 

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24 niv

It’s easy to say “Pray and Believe” but to tell you the truth, it’s hard! Specially waiting! I tweeted last May saying, “Lord, umaasa padin po ako sa ticket ng Hillsong Young & Free” suddenly some people messaged me and tweeted me saying, “I’m selling my ticket” “My friend is selling her ticket” etc. I was tempted to grab the opportunity but I was reminded that if I prayed and believed that God will let me win in that contest, I need to stand on my faith! I rejected their offer.

What happened next after praying & believing ?

June 2,  As soon as I woke up, I went online to view who won but they haven’t posted yet. So I continued to pray and do my errands for that day. I went to a ministry meeting and attended the Midweek service at around 7:15 PM. During the service the Lord impressed a word in my heart “Prayer WORKS” I was reminded that…

God is ALWAYS faithful in doing His part but I need to be faithful with my part as well!

Throughout the years that I’ve been praying to attend such a concert, but I never did my part by saving up money or joining a contest that I’m freely to do so! I prayed and thanked God for teaching me the real deal- PRAYING, BELIEVING and DOING whatever part that He’ll give me! What happened next?

On my way home at around 9 PM, I received a call from my Pastor. He told me that I won the contest! As soon as I got home I viewed the page of Batang Superbook, the winners was announced at around 7:30 PM. Yes! During the service, during the time that the Lord was teaching me about the Prayer WORKS!


 I encourage you to PRAY, BELIEVE and TAKE PART as God does His part. 

The truth is, God is mighty to do anything alone but He wants us to know the true meaning of “RELATIONSHIP”. In any relationship, you and the other person involved does things together. So if we’re saying that we have that relationship with God,as His sons and daughters, He’s letting us experience His goodness to the fullest, by involving us in our own prayers! By doing amazing and incredible things with us! Not because He can’t do it alone but because He wants us to experience Him in a new level, to have a fresh testimony about His goodness ! If He did it to me, I’m sure He wants to do it with you! Just let Him do His part as you take part.

Have a blessed week a head!



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2 thoughts on “Prayer WORKS

  1. This is amazing, Albea! God really provides us not only the things we need but also for the things we want! Praise be to Him for He always have ways to provide even in impossible times. 🙂


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